Childhood obesity, an alarming health threat

Obesity is becoming more widespread in society and is beginning to be a high risk factor for the health of children as they are the most vulnerable to the medium and long-term health consequences of this condition.For this reason, child obesity must be treated immediately in order to put an end to this scourge and make a strong commitment to a healthy childhood that will be the basis for a future free of cardiovascular diseases and other ailments that can become chronic. This serious problem must not be ignored and a solution must be offered at a general level that presents nutritional education as a fundamental pillar for both children and parents.To correctly determine the degree of overweight and possible obesity in a child, there are different methods that take into account the age, sex, weight or height of the child in relation to the BMI (Body Mass Index) so that specific percentage comparisons can be established with great accuracy and adapted to each case. What measures can be taken to control child overweight? Diet control is the main key that will allow us to eliminate the extra kilos that can affect the health of our children.

Therefore, some advice may seem obvious but it is essential to point them out. Not keeping sweets and treats within reach of children will be an excellent formula to avoid temptations and uncontrolled whims. It is also advisable to limit refined sugars by reducing the amount of industrial pastries consumed and replacing soft drinks with natural juices.

It is therefore advisable to use a food processor or pressure cooker to minimise the addition of oils. To make the food more attractive to children without losing the healthy and balanced cooking, you can opt for the use of cheap grills or barbecues that add a touch of flavour thanks to the direct action of the fire, as well as generating a leisurely atmosphere during the meal.

Julia Wong
Julia Wong

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