Intra-company venture or innovation from within the company

Starting a business requires a lot of effort. Creating a company generates many doubts and uncertainty. And, later on, there is no lack of problems. Therefore, any strategy that serves to grow it is good.

Among them, it is interesting and profitable the so-called intra-enterprise.

What is intra-enterprise?

As the word indicates, it designates the action of undertaking from within the company itself. It would be all the initiatives contributed by their workers to create new products or services without abandoning their usual functions. There are numerous examples of great ideas that have emerged from employees of an organization, who knew how to see a need that no one had observed until then. In fact, large entities increasingly value the entrepreneurial spirit when hiring staff.

And they even encourage it. They also seek to provide their workers with resources to encourage intra-entrepreneurship. For example, a space for coworking or working together where they can meet, exchange ideas and ultimately contribute their synergies. Or also allow them to devote part of their working day to develop their own projects, always related to the activity of the company.

Benefits of IntrapreneurshipIntrapreneurship

provides advantages both to the company itself and to its employees.

With respect to the former, it promotes healthy competitiveness and allows the identification of the most valuable workers. In this way, you can implement strategies to retain that talent. It also increases employee loyalty and motivation because their ideas and work are recognised. In addition, these employee ideas open up new business areas for the company that its managers may not even have thought of.

First of all, they can develop their innovative project without having to risk their money as the financing is provided by the company. In this sense, they have the possibility of creating prototypes that are capable of testing the idea they have had with the economic resources of the organization. And also to get their project up and running more quickly than if they had to do it on their own. Finally, they can implement their idea with the support of other professionals who contribute their knowledge and experience, that is, they would be a kind of mentor.


first step to encourage intra-enterprise is to free workers from tedious tasks that must be done but do not contribute anything to the development of the company.

A good example of this would be tax and accounting tasks. They are necessary to comply with the law, but do not bring benefits to the organization. Therefore, it is a great idea to have the online consulting software that automates these tasks and frees the employees from them. In conclusion, the intra-enterprise is beneficial for both the company and its workers since it is a way for both to prosper in their respective fields.

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