Offline advertising is still alive in the age of the online world

While it may shock marketing experts who predicted, years ago, that the expansion of online marketing would wipe out traditional advertising, the truth is that the offline medium continues to be very fit. Both types of marketing have come to combine well at a time when the digital age continues to demand attention, but where it has managed to keep offline advertising at its side while it continues to grow. The importance of street marketingDigital marketing is of great importance, but many companies still understand the importance of reaching users more directly, live and in person. Street marketing is still as relevant as ever, with a great deal of appeal through different initiatives that can be very successful if they are well planned.

The placement of innovative and original advertisements in a public environment or simply the idea of handing out product samples to passers-by become infallible marketing strategies that will continue to be as successful in the future as they are now.participation in fairs and congressesAnother form of offline advertising that continues to be relevant, even more so now than in the past, is the presence of companies at fairs and congresses. This is the ideal setting in which to present a product or service to thousands of people and to do so with different visual aids that help to create interest. One of the ideas that businesses resort to, for example, is the placement of counters, roll ups or photocall spaces with which to increase the attractiveness of the stands as can be seen in The hook of these graphic elements is high performance and can be combined with the presence of hostesses and models that boost the experience of those who visit the stands in this type of event.Promotional MerchandisingNo one dislikes a gift and this thought has led to the solid maintenance of the importance of developing promotional merchandising with which to please customers, partners and potential interested parties.

Businesses make small marketing investments in the production of physical products that meet two fundamental aspects: they are useful within the company's environment and at the same time they have the brand logo to reinforce the advertising action. This type of initiative does not require a large budget investment, but it has the capacity to achieve a very positive effect. For this reason, it is something that continues to be carried out and that will be difficult to replace by the online world, given that the tangible continues to have a contrasting value in people's daily lives.

Julia Wong
Julia Wong

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